It all started with slumber parties, giggles, karoke, dance lessons, hair color and eye liner. From girls to our teenage years and now young women we have come a long way. Although many of us have our own personal regimens, I hold value to the ones I can share. Here are some everyday tips that I once learned from my grandmother and would love to share.

Rule of thumb when it comes to nails, the key ingredient is garlic? Now your probably thinking garlic really? As gross as it sounds and might smell, it benefits your nails in so many ways. Garlic stimulates growth in your nails and also elimanates some of the nasty white residue on your cuticles. Breaking a nail happens to the best of us and to build strength to your nails garlic is trick. All you have to do is cut a cube size piece of fresh garlic and add it to your clear nail polish and or top coat. Let it sit for a few hours to a day and apply from the cuticule to full nail, include the sides of your nail and let dry. Oh and you would definetly see the perfect square toe nails if you apply to them as well. Apply twice a week and im sure you will see the be difference. And yes it may smell like garlic during the first use but once you turn it into a habit it will be disappear.

* This also can be used for hair, apply (minced) garlic to conditioner and leave it in for about 10-15 min.

We all fuss and fight with our hair, early mornings and expensive hair appointments yet nothing changes? Of course we all vary in many textures and types. By far most we have some type of curl pattern, and we could moisture. I believe in the power of oils. Adding some natural oils can help provide stability, lock in moisture and restore the natural body of your hair. I reccommend Peppermint Oil, Coconut Oil, and Jojoba oil. Create a side mix in a little jar or bottle of all these oils together along with water and conditioner.

*For curly girls, try making Flaxseed oil gel with some natural Flaxseeds that can be purchased at Trader Joes!

That time of the month, got cravings,late night snacks? Come on I have done it all and tried most of all sweet treats. But no one at the beach wants to hear your excuses, and see you falling out of your bathing suit. And it sure doesnt matter the season, I believe in healthy eating and excercise for longevity in life. Whether your a bro in a girls body or you just trying to change your skinny legs to curves and muscle, you can use a boost. No matter the regimen, with daily use of two talblespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar and a swigg of water once day can burn some fat and go a long way. This old trick is used to clean and cleanse the digestive system. It may taste gross but picture how toned and clean your insides feel, because everything on the outside can be perfect but we never see the inside.

I hope this tips got you in the kitchen prepping up, or at least in Target looking to grab the essentials to help you get started! For any questions, reviews or comments please feel free to email me,


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