Nifty Thrifty


“OMG where’d you get that jacket?”

Havent we all asked it before, or has someone asked you? And most of the time I respond with “This old thing, its my grandma’s!”

I’d like to think thrift shopping is the best thing in th world but I’ve found something better. The idea of thrift shopping at home. Whether it’s a great aunt, your fat uncle or even little sister, its priceless. We tend to forget fashion runs in a circle and time can change but fashion statements always return.

Recently I found and old shirt my mom passed down to me years ago, instead of letting it sit at the bottom of my closet I cut off the sleeves and made a cute crop top. It doesnt matter if your sewing skills are slim to zero, you never know what you got until you dig around and start getting creative.

I challenge you and a friend to go check out your moms worse clothing hidden in a chest, and turn it to treasure! Stay gold my friends_xo


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