To be Honest!


We all want to be the first to buy the newest shoes, and have the latest hair color but what does that say about our self expression. It says we must think alike, act like and almost be the same. For a little while I contemplated on what is really important to me and I realized how I was sucked into what society viewed as sexy, or important. And lets face it, we shouldnt have to second guess or own nature. By nature I mean the colors we like, our hair styles and the habits we have when doing something so simple as makeup. To each its own. I say be proud of your style, and show the world who you are. I’ve noticed as technology has become a neccesity, people in the age of today tend to play it safe. Well today I enjoy you to start waking up every morning and throwing on your wildest outfit, brushing your hair in a funky style and glamming up to your standards. Not only will you stand out but I gurantee you will feel as confident as you look!


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