When Hunger Strikes?

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Ugh, It’s that time again…Noon lunchtime, you know you should have cooked dinner and meal prepped yet you insisted on dyeing a friends hair. Well it sucks to be hungry and have limited sources of good healthy food around you. But no fear theres always a few tricks to help you maintain a balanced diet on a busy work day. 

Always carry your handy water bottle

– At least if you dont have time to cook a meal in the AM, you can cut up lemon and fill up the bottle with water let it get cold and in no time it isnt only refreshing, its keeping you balanced and breaking down fat. *Be bold and add some fruit to it like strawbeeries, even cucumber and mint leaves!

Try to leave a snack in your Purse

-Almonds help to maintain hunger and can be aquick snack before or after having a heavy meal

* p.s. they’re good for you 


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