Didn’t get thee invite?!

Alice and Zen Fest 2014

San Francisco is well known for all the fall festivities! This includes the Alice and Zen Fest, Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Fest, Treasure Island Fest and much more. For the past three years I have attended the Alice and Zen Fest at Golden Gate Park in The Sharon Meadow field. As the years go on I look forward to seeing the various artist and introducing new friends to a memorable experience. Especially for college students who enjoy listening to pop music artist, drinking a beer or two and chowing down on great food truck grub!

Screenshot 2014-10-08 16.53.49

This year the Alice and Zen festival 97.3 had an amazing lineup of musicians. There was Lindsey Stirling, Matt Nathanson, American Authors and Neon trees. Can you imagine how many people lined up this year? To be honest I woke up at 8am and arrived at 9:30,waited on line for about 40 min and ran in! As early as it seemed my sorority sisters and I got right in and placed our blankets in the perfect area! We even made it to the front of the stage and got to touch Tyler Glenn as he crowd surfed, nothing can beat that!

The proof was in my raspy voice and excitement about what I was apart of and what had taken place. As the sun was beaming on us all as we swayed to the music and ate garlic fries with aioli. It’s crazy when you stop and think of how many people from all over were in the same vicinity and automatically got along.

Choosing a favorite artist was impossible and I think I would be speaking for the majority of the crowd. Every artist represented a different style and had their own niche.  

There was Lindsey who is a dancing violinist, she tore up the beats across the stage while Matt joked around and showed us his personality through singing songs of life experiences. American authors brought heat in their looks and fire in their lungs as Neon Trees pumped up the volume and left us wanting more.

Screenshot 2014-10-08 16.53.58

Year after year the Zen fest provides a brilliant experience for newcomers, people returning and even families. The environment can be overwhelming in such an amazing way. With all the food trucks, many games, small boutiques with quirky gifts and the funky photo booth. The Zen fest isn’t something you can just read about, so next year get out and join the crowd.

Screenshot 2014-10-08 16.54.08

To find out more information and recap for the Alice And Zen Festival, check out this website @http://radioalice.cbslocal.com/tag/now-zen/

And stay in the know for more events in San Francisco, CA and Bay Area events @ http://sf.funcheap.com


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