VLOG and New Media Effects

Carli Bybel has been my all time favorite vlogger. She is always personable and speaks to her own knowledge. I appreciate her honesty and unique way of creating videos based on trends in beauty. Her posts include tips and tricks, effects ways of applying makeup, shopping hauls, low to high priced items that allow all views access to be able to do makeup. The variety of topics she offers keeps readers like me engaged. I know watch each video knowing that I will learn something, laugh about something and try something new!

This video {See Video Here https://youtu.be/TcxU9Dr-1rs} displayed the major mistakes some of us have all made when it comes to putting on makeup. Whether you realized it or not she makes some important references and gives out great tips. everyone can always do better so why not learn earlier than later.

I love how new media has effected blogging and fashionistas. It creates a personal connection and visual aspect. Its original and engages with character bonding and reviews honesty. Seeing the makeup application is more helpful and responsive than to just read about it. It’s like watching a cooking show or just reading the recipe. You know exactly what to do and can see how its done. All you need to do is complete the task with your own twist.

Vlogging is a new world that allows any subject or topic of discussion to be a discovery and overall journey to follow by each new post!

See Video Here https://youtu.be/TcxU9Dr-1rs


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