VLOG and New Media Effects

Carli Bybel has been my all time favorite vlogger. She is always personable and speaks to her own knowledge. I appreciate her honesty and unique way of creating videos based on trends in beauty. Her posts include tips and tricks, effects ways of applying makeup, shopping hauls, low to high priced items that allow all views access to be able to do makeup. The variety of topics she offers keeps readers like me engaged. I know watch each video knowing that I will learn something, laugh about something and try something new!

This video {See Video Here https://youtu.be/TcxU9Dr-1rs} displayed the major mistakes some of us have all made when it comes to putting on makeup. Whether you realized it or not she makes some important references and gives out great tips. everyone can always do better so why not learn earlier than later.

I love how new media has effected blogging and fashionistas. It creates a personal connection and visual aspect. Its original and engages with character bonding and reviews honesty. Seeing the makeup application is more helpful and responsive than to just read about it. It’s like watching a cooking show or just reading the recipe. You know exactly what to do and can see how its done. All you need to do is complete the task with your own twist.

Vlogging is a new world that allows any subject or topic of discussion to be a discovery and overall journey to follow by each new post!

See Video Here https://youtu.be/TcxU9Dr-1rs


I hit the streets of San Francisco to three unique young ladies who have a special sense of style. They uniquely have their own way of dressing, vary in school majors, and live the fast trendy life. I asked them the same questions and got a take on how they feel on fashion and their personal styles. Enjoy Xo Alicea!


Name: Brianna Toomer
Occupation: Student Majoring in Fashion Design / Sales Associate at Nordstrom
Where you shot the subject: Downtown San Francisco (Sutter St)
The subject’s definition of his or her personal style: “I like to switch it up often. Wearing and pair things together that most people wouldn’t. Its all about having a personality. My style is like Rihanna haha. that the best way I can explain it.”
The subject’s definition of fashion: Fashion is art, culture and personality


Name: Rabab Fara
Occupation: Student Majoring in Fashion Merchandising / Sales Associate at Nike
Where you shot the subject: Downtown San Francisco (School Buiding)
The subject’s definition of his or her personal style: “So I’m like a girly girl tomboy. I like mixing two styles in a simple, minimal kinda way. But I wouldn’t call myself a minimalist. I believe accessories and shoes make an outfit. I live by ‘always dress well, but keep it simple’ I’m probably the girliest tomboy out there. haha Idk what else to really say”
The subject’s definition of fashion: Fashion is self expression, personality and creativity through a way of dressing.


Name: Saquan Bell
Occupation: Student Majoring in Fashion Styling / Sales Associate at Nordstrom
Where you shot the subject: Downtown San Francisco (AAU School Cafe)
The subject’s definition of his or her personal style: “My style is undescrible because I have a diverse range of tastes.”
The subject’s definition of fashion: Fashion is a theme or a taste that shared by different social classes it only last for a period of time because something can be in tomorrow and out the next day that’s the life of fashion


Name: Eileen Valdez
Occupation: Student Majoring in Interior Design
Where you shot the subject: Downtown San Francisco (Union Square)
The subject’s definition of his or her personal style: “I don’t really have a specific style, I get bored easily and continue to change my style all the time. But I guess one thing that all the different styles have in common is how girly I am.”
The subject’s definition of fashion: I would define it as a style that’s always changing and has the power to transform a persons image.

Her Campus Media Presents College Fashion Week; San Francisco


The digital age of today helps in every way across the world, connecting people, culture and identity. With the use of cellphones, tablets, laptops and such it is ideal that fast fashion is greatly affected in a big way. No matter the age, gender or sex, it is a fact that fashion has grown to be faster, through photos, blogs, videos, and inspirations. Fashion forecasting, trends and many fashion shows whether big or small have used social media as resources to connect with the many hats worn in the fashion business of today.

It is believed that college girls are on the top of the list to create new trends, or inspire a new fashion forward look. With the start of new schools all over the country in different cities, with several cultures it would be the perfect time to develop a fashion tone. College is that point in life where your no longer a girl yet not a woman and life is full of surprises every moment. Theres homecoming, midterms, hot guys, freedom, campus life and oh joy to the parties. So of course most college girls get fashion inspiration from social media and try to dress the part of the woman they want to be.

Recently for all the fashionistas out there, who have watched all the fancy fashion shows saw the glamorous ready-to-wear garments rip the runway. As amazing Mercedes Benz Fashion week was, many of us snap back to reality in terms of street style of today. The fall trends are on arise and manufacturers help produce the imitations to everyones favorite brands at low prices getting college girls equpit for school. 


October in San Francisco, California is the last stop for College Fashion Week, by Her Campus Media. Her Campus Media is a social community in many cities that gathers ideas, inspiration and provides information for college girls by University. Whether it is fashion, healthy eating or top five places to visit you can always count on the leaders at your school from HerCampus Media.

As for the College fashion week in major cities, HerCampus Media provides a very urban fashion show collaborating with BOOHOO the clothing brand, Tresemme hair products and hair stylists as well as BareMinerals. And of course I wont forget to mention its a weekend full of free events, alcohol and pumping music. Now the cool thing about the college fashion week is, its sort of like a secret society in such a way that attending these events is invite only. Allowing college girls to feel exclusive and important in society, which now a days isn’t very often.


Bare minerals threw a Pre-party in the Westfield location, providing makeup do’s and dont’s as well as party bags with free select items and even small make overs. Sounds like music to the ears doesn’t it ? No better way to make a young lady feel than to give her makeup and invite a to an exclusive show !


The Fashion show begins with an event at the Fashion show location The Origin Sf in the Fillmore District. All the companies collaborating are there with booths full of activities, the smell of curling irons, long lines for glitter eyeshadow, cocktails and cocktails for the over age and of course Photo Booth fun. The show begins shortly and had three different themes with several looks from head to toe. Did i forget to mention the goodie bags in eery sit before the show began. They were filled with magazines, coupons, free foundation, and much more!


The three scenes were Imperial: embody easy urban elegance in sleek military styling in wear with anything khaki hues, Brooklyn Princess: go from street to sleek as powdery cosmetic tones transform sporty separates, and Woodlanders:heritage is revisited in Kitsch forest prints and earthy hues. It was quite an amazing show that gave the opportunity for college girls in the city and bay area a chance to feel important. The best part was the models not only wearing an affordable brand but the models themselves being average college students walking the runway and putting on a show.


As we all know and incorporate into our daily tweets and insta posts #’s (hashtags) are the it factor. For the show the hashtags and posting of Boohoos garments on display got you a free piece from their collection.

If you couldn’t make it this year, signup for next year and stay in the know about fashion events in your community. Theres nothing greater than networking and enjoying someone else’s work.

It is always a good idea to get social, so put yourself out there and get in the know at your school! Check out the photos and videos of the College fashion week scene @HERCAMPUSMEDIA #COLLEGEFASHIONWEEK

Also the sponsors of the show :





Didn’t get thee invite?!

Alice and Zen Fest 2014

San Francisco is well known for all the fall festivities! This includes the Alice and Zen Fest, Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Fest, Treasure Island Fest and much more. For the past three years I have attended the Alice and Zen Fest at Golden Gate Park in The Sharon Meadow field. As the years go on I look forward to seeing the various artist and introducing new friends to a memorable experience. Especially for college students who enjoy listening to pop music artist, drinking a beer or two and chowing down on great food truck grub!

Screenshot 2014-10-08 16.53.49

This year the Alice and Zen festival 97.3 had an amazing lineup of musicians. There was Lindsey Stirling, Matt Nathanson, American Authors and Neon trees. Can you imagine how many people lined up this year? To be honest I woke up at 8am and arrived at 9:30,waited on line for about 40 min and ran in! As early as it seemed my sorority sisters and I got right in and placed our blankets in the perfect area! We even made it to the front of the stage and got to touch Tyler Glenn as he crowd surfed, nothing can beat that!

The proof was in my raspy voice and excitement about what I was apart of and what had taken place. As the sun was beaming on us all as we swayed to the music and ate garlic fries with aioli. It’s crazy when you stop and think of how many people from all over were in the same vicinity and automatically got along.

Choosing a favorite artist was impossible and I think I would be speaking for the majority of the crowd. Every artist represented a different style and had their own niche.  

There was Lindsey who is a dancing violinist, she tore up the beats across the stage while Matt joked around and showed us his personality through singing songs of life experiences. American authors brought heat in their looks and fire in their lungs as Neon Trees pumped up the volume and left us wanting more.

Screenshot 2014-10-08 16.53.58

Year after year the Zen fest provides a brilliant experience for newcomers, people returning and even families. The environment can be overwhelming in such an amazing way. With all the food trucks, many games, small boutiques with quirky gifts and the funky photo booth. The Zen fest isn’t something you can just read about, so next year get out and join the crowd.

Screenshot 2014-10-08 16.54.08

To find out more information and recap for the Alice And Zen Festival, check out this website @http://radioalice.cbslocal.com/tag/now-zen/

And stay in the know for more events in San Francisco, CA and Bay Area events @ http://sf.funcheap.com


2014-03-15 18.29.20

Fit bods, new friends and workout buddies

Working out isnt for everyone but theres always a way to stay active!

For all my fellow San Franciscans, Please join me on Tuesday nights at 6:30, at NikeTown San Francisco 278 Post St,for some cardio training with profesional trainers and community that sticks together and motivates the way for new comers!

When Hunger Strikes?

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Ugh, It’s that time again…Noon lunchtime, you know you should have cooked dinner and meal prepped yet you insisted on dyeing a friends hair. Well it sucks to be hungry and have limited sources of good healthy food around you. But no fear theres always a few tricks to help you maintain a balanced diet on a busy work day. 

Always carry your handy water bottle

– At least if you dont have time to cook a meal in the AM, you can cut up lemon and fill up the bottle with water let it get cold and in no time it isnt only refreshing, its keeping you balanced and breaking down fat. *Be bold and add some fruit to it like strawbeeries, even cucumber and mint leaves!

Try to leave a snack in your Purse

-Almonds help to maintain hunger and can be aquick snack before or after having a heavy meal

* p.s. they’re good for you 

Nifty Thrifty


“OMG where’d you get that jacket?”

Havent we all asked it before, or has someone asked you? And most of the time I respond with “This old thing, its my grandma’s!”

I’d like to think thrift shopping is the best thing in th world but I’ve found something better. The idea of thrift shopping at home. Whether it’s a great aunt, your fat uncle or even little sister, its priceless. We tend to forget fashion runs in a circle and time can change but fashion statements always return.

Recently I found and old shirt my mom passed down to me years ago, instead of letting it sit at the bottom of my closet I cut off the sleeves and made a cute crop top. It doesnt matter if your sewing skills are slim to zero, you never know what you got until you dig around and start getting creative.

I challenge you and a friend to go check out your moms worse clothing hidden in a chest, and turn it to treasure! Stay gold my friends_xo

To be Honest!


We all want to be the first to buy the newest shoes, and have the latest hair color but what does that say about our self expression. It says we must think alike, act like and almost be the same. For a little while I contemplated on what is really important to me and I realized how I was sucked into what society viewed as sexy, or important. And lets face it, we shouldnt have to second guess or own nature. By nature I mean the colors we like, our hair styles and the habits we have when doing something so simple as makeup. To each its own. I say be proud of your style, and show the world who you are. I’ve noticed as technology has become a neccesity, people in the age of today tend to play it safe. Well today I enjoy you to start waking up every morning and throwing on your wildest outfit, brushing your hair in a funky style and glamming up to your standards. Not only will you stand out but I gurantee you will feel as confident as you look!


It all started with slumber parties, giggles, karoke, dance lessons, hair color and eye liner. From girls to our teenage years and now young women we have come a long way. Although many of us have our own personal regimens, I hold value to the ones I can share. Here are some everyday tips that I once learned from my grandmother and would love to share.

Rule of thumb when it comes to nails, the key ingredient is garlic? Now your probably thinking garlic really? As gross as it sounds and might smell, it benefits your nails in so many ways. Garlic stimulates growth in your nails and also elimanates some of the nasty white residue on your cuticles. Breaking a nail happens to the best of us and to build strength to your nails garlic is trick. All you have to do is cut a cube size piece of fresh garlic and add it to your clear nail polish and or top coat. Let it sit for a few hours to a day and apply from the cuticule to full nail, include the sides of your nail and let dry. Oh and you would definetly see the perfect square toe nails if you apply to them as well. Apply twice a week and im sure you will see the be difference. And yes it may smell like garlic during the first use but once you turn it into a habit it will be disappear.

* This also can be used for hair, apply (minced) garlic to conditioner and leave it in for about 10-15 min.

We all fuss and fight with our hair, early mornings and expensive hair appointments yet nothing changes? Of course we all vary in many textures and types. By far most we have some type of curl pattern, and we could moisture. I believe in the power of oils. Adding some natural oils can help provide stability, lock in moisture and restore the natural body of your hair. I reccommend Peppermint Oil, Coconut Oil, and Jojoba oil. Create a side mix in a little jar or bottle of all these oils together along with water and conditioner.

*For curly girls, try making Flaxseed oil gel with some natural Flaxseeds that can be purchased at Trader Joes!

That time of the month, got cravings,late night snacks? Come on I have done it all and tried most of all sweet treats. But no one at the beach wants to hear your excuses, and see you falling out of your bathing suit. And it sure doesnt matter the season, I believe in healthy eating and excercise for longevity in life. Whether your a bro in a girls body or you just trying to change your skinny legs to curves and muscle, you can use a boost. No matter the regimen, with daily use of two talblespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar and a swigg of water once day can burn some fat and go a long way. This old trick is used to clean and cleanse the digestive system. It may taste gross but picture how toned and clean your insides feel, because everything on the outside can be perfect but we never see the inside.

I hope this tips got you in the kitchen prepping up, or at least in Target looking to grab the essentials to help you get started! For any questions, reviews or comments please feel free to email me, AllyA.0062@gmail.com

M.A.C. Cosmetics Strikes Yet Again



MAC collaborates with only the best of the fashion designers and pop culture artist season after season. This time around they will be collaborating with Prabal Gurung says Vogue Australia.  Gurung is known for his diversity, sheek and sharp silhoettes and his design aspect will definitly show off on your lips. Its said Gurung will have a special 14 piece holiday deco collection. The collection should be arriving in stores in November perfect time for that winter look. The collection seems like a steal and knowing how well Proenza Schuler did, there no telling what’ll happen for Prabal Gurung. I’d say check on First lady Michelle Obama’s lipstain first!