Out of the Showroom and Off the Seamline

Spring/Summer 2014, Vicken Derderian

Screenshot 2014-06-25 23.11.19

The Academy of Arts University students who participated in the NY Fashion Week Spring 2014 show wowed the audience yet again with their dynamic shapes and beautiful silhoettes. One Student and fashion designer Vicken Derderian captured my eye with his simplistic use in patterns and color. Let alone the shapes of the silhoettes in every garment that came together as if it was a story. Each garment had several layers that flattered the shoulders or length in various styles.

Although the colors were simple and plain, the garments did not need any bold and outrageous colors, they would have taken all the focus off of the dresses. You can definetly see the time and detail spent on the garments as you view the garments photoed off the runway.

This collection is most definetly trendy for the Spring and Summer 2014, especially for New Yorks hot weather! Speaking as a New Yorker, summertime in Manhattan calls for knee-length dresses that come in cool colors and simple patterns. Stick with the beiges, light greys and metallics. Maxi dresses have always been seen on top for summer but it turns out that no one wants something too long and if your a business savvy woman you dont want to be caught wearing a mini skirt. Knee-Length dresses with layers or maybe even looser sleeves give something plain some attitude. The goal for the summer should always be comfortable for climate, trendy for style and most differently fun to give your personality a flair.

Vicken Derderian dedicated his school career to making sure his collection voiced who he was a designer and the consumer he wants to attract. I’d say when Vicken opens his boutique or makes it big I most definetly will purchase a thing or too! This guy is up and coming so look out for the future collections.



The Ideal or The Ordinary?

cropped-skull1.jpgThere is a new age, new era, looks, styles, trends, fashion forecasts and creations. Some are based on the idea of glamour being something you are not but truly it is how can you incorporate glamour into your individuality? Simple you stay true to yourself and wear what defines you and makes you confident and feels good. No need for looking further you have simply found the spot to shop, create new ideas and join others like yourself to a world of its own! Welcome!